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Bahamas Tour
Located in waters west of the bluff of North Bimini are beautiful square blocks and perfectly straight alignments of the stones called the Bimini Road. Fifteen hundred feet long, these stones lie in an orderly row. It is believed that this was part of the road system of the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

According to some researchers, the site is completely identical in design to a known harbour and installations submerged in the Mediterranean, which indicates they were built in the same period by the same seafaring people. It is a popular dive and snorkeling site which can be accessed by boat only.

Tourist Attractions in Bahamas

Nassau's come a long way since pirates ruled the island. Today, sophisticated shops and one-of-a-kind museums vie for the attention of sun-worshipping travelers. Discover a wealth of acclaimed Bahamas attractions just minutes from the Nassau Palm Hotel. Climb to the top of Queens Staircase and marvel at the view. Strap on your snorkeling gear and admire coral, sponges, and other tropical underwater life. For a sampling of local culture, stroll over to the city's colorful Straw Market -- or get in the swing of things at a world-class golf course. In the evening, savor the spicy local dishes of the area's many charming restaurants. Whether you prefer historic architecture, exciting water sports, or pirate exhibits, you'll never be bored on this mesmerizing, tropical island.

The Country of Bahamas
The Bahamas is an English speaking country which has two thousand cays and 700 islands which form an archipelago. It is located in the southwest of Florida and the United States in the Atlantic Ocean. It is also located to the north of Cuba and northwest to the British overseas territory of the Turks.
The country of Bahamas which has 700 islands and 2000 cays stretches for 60 miles in the Atlantic waters. The New Providence Islands, Paradise Islands and the Great Bahamas receive the most visitors of all.

Paradise Beach and Cabbage Beach
There are two great beaches in the Paradise Islands namely the Paradise beach and the Cabbage beach. The Paradise has beautiful sands but it is difficult for non–hotel visitors to access. The Cabbage beach has full of coconut palms and sea grape and stretches for about two miles.

The Government House in Bahamas is the place where the British governors once lived. Here every other Saturday, you can watch a bit of old pomp, while changing the guard takes place. The Fort Charlotte in the Bahamas is the largest of all the forts. The fort was built in the late 1780s and was built by Lord Dunmore, who was the governor at that time. The ramparts of the fort offer one of the best views of Nassau.

Lucayan National Park
The Lucayan National Park in Bahamas is a 40 acre park that houses the biggest underwater limestone cave system in the world that is accessible for extremely experienced divers. Walking through the pine forest will lead to the Gold Rock Beach. The Gold Rock Beach is a place for a person who likes a quite environment to enjoy the sun and sunbath.

Abaco Wild Horse Preserve
It is located near the Treasure Cay. It is a fascinating place. This island houses a lot of horses. These horses were brought by the crew members of Christopher Columbus to this area. The horses are one of the purest strains of Spanish Barbs in existence. Nowadays, the government protects these endangered species.

Crystal Cay Marine Park
The Crystal Cay Marine Park is one of the underworld parks in the world where the visitors do not get wet. The park is built around a reef. The visitors of this park can explore the huge array of exhibits that is displayed above and below the surface.

Royal Victoria Gardens
The Royal Victoria Gardens in Bahamas was actually a leftover of a fire incident, where the fire engulfed the Victoria Hotel building. The gardens, empty shell of pillars and stone are the only things that are left after that incident. After that incident, the resulting landscape was a spectacular cross between a botanical garden and something like a Roman ruin. This is also one of the most visited sites in Bahamas.